for real

for real

this was no casual scuffling: they were fighting for real

now you've messed things up for real

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informal used to assert that something is genuine or is actually the case

I'm not playing games-this is for real!

used in questions to express surprise or to question the truth or seriousness of what one has seen or heard

are these guys for real?

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for real — see real, 1
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for real
1 : true and genuine

The information is for real.

2 US
2 a : honest and serious

He convinced us that he was for real and really wanted to help.

Is that guy for real?

2 b : genuinely good, skillful, etc.

The team has proven that it's for real this year. [=has proven that it's good and has a real chance of winning]

3 : seriously or truly

He's in trouble for real. [=he's really in trouble]

They were just pretending to argue before, but now they're doing it for real.

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Main Entry:real

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for ˈreal idiom
genuine or serious

This is not a fire drill— it's for real.


He managed to convince voters that he was for real.

I don't think her tears were for real.

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